Prayers Move Mountains


“Walk the Turtle” 8/27/2018


Inside the magical feelings of inspiration, a compelling story of love and pain exists; held together by the threads of memories intertwined with lessons learned in life.

A dynamic adventure occurs during our years of living, voices of the past fade as visions of a better future enable a humbleness to the spirit of our soul; freedom and forgiveness align with the wisdom and knowledge of our mind, peace and solitude lead to grace.

What we create and what we have destroyed are reflected by the struggles we have endured; expressions of empathy are felt through our deep compassion to help others and show them how to overcome their fears as they follow their hearts and dreams.

A constant change begins from birth, we are given a precious gift of life and a purpose and destiny to fulfill; a veil of unknowing covers our tears as unconditional love carries us through each family generation—this paradox of time is evidence of humanity’s survival.

Walk the turtle with your eyes closed as you open your arms to the sun and whisper into the breeze, kneel to the Almighty as we grow old, and never lose hope—for our days on Earth are numbered; take a deep breath and understand our prayers move mountains.