Sometimes A Dream Becomes Reality… In A Book


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Reno, NV, August 25, 2021 – In 2020, during the time the pandemic was the headline, Harold Thompson had a dream. That dream drove him to write a book that seemed to write itself.

When Dreams Come True is a story that reflects Thompson’s spiritual core. One reviewer suggested there could be “harmony” in all aspects of life: men and women, men and horses, educators and students, and even citizens and their government officials. “It does not shy away from its Christian inspiration thus avoiding the need to use metaphors and other literary devices to get its message across”.

Once a prison chaplain at San Quentin, Thompson is familiar with helping people who face challenges. As an entrepreneur, Korean Veteran, and father, Thompson knows about conflicts and has experienced many in life. He has endured the loss of two of his children and before his dream, asked God to take him home. He realizes now that he has a few more things to do before he makes that journey.

When Dreams Come True is Thompson’s first fiction book. He has two other non-fiction books: “In All Thy Ways,”: Volume I written with his wife who is now deceased, and “In All Thy Ways…: Going It Alone Volume II, both published by LeRue Press in addition to When Dreams Come True.

Thompson is working with publicist Sassy B Productions to promote his work since the pandemic limited possibilities of in-person events. At 87, Thompson has learned to do virtual events on Zoom and started his own weekly radio show, “Lost and Found” where he shares his message weekly on America Matters Media via Facebook and Reno radio station KFOY 1060 AM via Lotus Broadcasting stations.

For additional information contact: Janice Hermsen, or 775.849.3814.


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