The Fight for Las Vegas

Mobbed Up — The Fight for Las Vegas Compliments of the Las Vegas Review Journal and the Mob Museum

I’ve been waiting for this series of podcasts which started yesterday. Most of you from Chicago will remember Frank Cullotta who portrayed himself in the movie Casino. This 34-minute video starts out with a murder in Las Vegas of Jerry Listner.

I had known Jerry from both of us living in San Diego and both of us ending up in Las Vegas. I hadn’t seen him in 15 years, until I heard he was murdered. Strangely, a very good friend of mine ending up buying the house where the murder occurred. He had it in escrow at the time of the murder, so I have been in the house many times over the years.

I ended up meeting Frank Cullotta about a dozen years ago, when he went into business doing a bus tour of mob places in Las Vegas.

This will be an 11-part series.