The Healing Light of Unconditional Love


“Walk the Turtle” 12/16/2019

In the shadows of meaningless turmoil, the lingering struggles within our thoughts [enhanced by the series of mistakes we made in the past] that brought us to the darkest places felt inside a mind’s eye are slowly awakened to the truth that surrounds our existence in this realm of life.

Promises heard from our soul thus connected to a pure heart are living deep within the depths of our faith, encouraging each other to become unified in spiritual understandings as we move toward the healing light of unconditional love and compassion… as we follow the voice of guidance and wisdom.

An everlasting sound of music inlaid upon the course of our travels has released our bondage to the slavery of this world. A feeling of freedom emerges from the comfort and peace gifted to us through our obedience and a humbled heart believing you are divine.

Pondering these moments of deep thought while walking the turtle in stride gives a new perspective to the power of our love and passion for life.

I thank God for the love and life we shared Brittany Danielle. I am so blessed by God to now share love and life with Justine Sue Haley.

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash