The Storms of Our Journey


“Walk the Turtle” 10/27/2019

With each day that passes, our hearts mend as we listen to the music of His grace that plays inside our soul; doing our time as we feel the process of healing slowly in play. Creating the scars of yesterday’s wounds, melting away from the kindness and understanding of our simple unbalances within the mind’s emotional memories that sometimes resurface through the fabric of abusive years gone by.

These mirrored reflections inside the darkest caverns and crevices held behind the walls we have built across our spectrum of self-development are essential elements that remain hidden. As we look deeper and hear the words of encouragement from someone that truly cares, we are given the sense of being uplifted.

Far beyond logic, a connection is created as the bond of feeling complete sets in around the peace and contentment of spiritual comfort. A change occurs during this transformation and renewal of spirit giving us a newfound appreciation for each other’s struggles and pain; we hold hands and pray.

Walk the turtle with unconditional love knowing God’s guidance is our compass as we go forward each day knowing the sincerity and truths held inside our loyalty and admirations to protect our hearts—never letting any fears seep into our mindset as we stand by each other’s side through every storm during our journey.

I love you Brittany, I love Justine.

Photo by Scott Van Hoy on Unsplash