Vivid Reels of Rewinding Memories


Walk the Turtle 🐢

Column by: Michael D. Aloia 05-23-2021

Etchings and lithographs of significant moments we have traveled remain inside the souls of our minds, as the consciousness of our lives brings forth the vivid reels of rewinding memories behind the canvas of our spirits. 

We gather our thoughts during the aftermath of sorrows, struggles, and pain felt during our past experiences; moving forward each day with new understandings and growth in wisdom given to us by the lessons of life, in all its limits and frailties. 

We emerge into our daily patterns with hope and appreciation for one another’s hearts and compassion; leaning on our Savior for guidance and love while we reflect and slowly become absent from the body; walking into the unknown uncertainties of fate designed by His will for our purpose and journey while we watch ourselves grow old in the mirror. 

The child inside of us is kept alive by our sense of happiness held within the innocence and open-armed embrace of being comforted and assured that we are not alone or abandoned. For the realms of unseen grace is meshed inside our space giving us serenity and peace.

Walk the turtle and let go of worries or concerns. Begin to realize the blessings we share are found deep within the touch of those we cherish and to the awakening we experience during the unveiling of the matrix of perceptions.

Inspired by my love Justine 💕 ✝

Photo by Gemma Evans on Unsplash