Welcome to the BlinkShow!

Antonio Freeman, creator and executive producer, has been successfully producing the BlinkShow for the past 20 years. He has interviewed celebrities and many interesting and colorful people throughout the years.
This interview gives you a glimpse of who Antonio Freeman is and what inspired him to create BlinkShow TV.

01) Would you consider BlinkShow TV a network? 

A. No, I wouldn’t. I would describe BlinkShow as an entertainment platform. We simply provide individuals of talent an opportunity to get additional exposure. Even though there are other ways to get exposure we simply are adding more options. And we feel that we are a great choice. 

02) How did you come up with the name, BlinkShow? It is a little unusual, what was your intention by using it? 

A. Great question. Blink is a childhood name that I was given by my friends where I grew up. I ran the streets of Inglewood, CA, and because I needed glasses my friends called me “Blinky”, but I wouldn’t wear them because I wanted to be cool and not look like a nerd. It’s was a little tough being tough, fighting and getting in trouble wearing glasses at 14 years old. 

Being a nerd nowadays is actually cooler than back then. 

03) How do you prepare for your shows? 

A. Actually, the way that we shoot BlinkShow is really less planning and more in the moment. We get invited to a lot of different events in Las Vegas. So, for us, it’s more of are we available to cover an event on the spot. 

The only thing right now that requires a little planning are our live tapings, in which we have talents from across the country come to Las Vegas to visit and be apart of the show and that can be planned weeks to months in advance. 

04) Can you give us an example of when you thought outside the box and used a totally different format? 

A. Sure, what’s funny is… BlinkShow has two things that make it unique; first, I was doing jump cuts before it was popular, I didn’t know that I could have written a course on “jump cuts” and I would’ve made a lot more money—Lol. Secondly, I love a fast-paced show and I filled it with a bunch of rappers, singers, and models that no one has ever heard of and gave them a platform to be seen on networks that normally they wouldn’t have been able to be seen on. I think that entire process was thinking outside the box. 

05) Why did you decide to become a producer and where do you see BlinkShow TV in 2020? 

  • Well, I believe I became a producer because I really wanted to help people… The area I was in didn’t have a lot of opportunities, and I knew that I just wanted to help people.
  • 2020 is already shaping up to be a great year. We see ourselves expanding and growing our team and brand. We would like to have our own large facility where we create our projects, short and full-length film and continue to create superstars here in Vegas and across the country.

06) What kind of television shows do you personally like? 

A. I personally enjoy Action and Comedy films, and Comedy and intelligent Drama and Documentaries. I LOVE “The Universal” type documentaries, I could be up for hours watching that 🙂 

07) If you had flowing cash what would you do with the money to improve BlinkShow TV? 

A. Well first, I would reinvest about 40% of whatever the monthly residual amount is, then I would take the capital gains and invest that profit into BlinkShow. I would get that large facility, any additional equipment we might need, then hire more locals. Finally, I would create more content that really matters by creating our own Network and giving opportunity to more people who share our same passion. 

08) What are some fun stories you have encountered while taping? 

A. Too much to talk about in one interview as we have covered major celebrities to no-names; but I can say a few memorable interviews would be when we met and interviewed, on the fly, former UFC Champion, Chuck Liddell in San Luis Obispo, through a passed associate. He was at the height of his run and we were able to capture his hanging out with everyone at a rap concert! Another great time was interviewing Pitbull, once again, just at the height of his rapping career. He was full of life and energy. So many more to share… 

09) Who would be your perfect and most wanted guest? 

A. That’s a great question. However, We feel that everyone we interview is the next best and greatest interview. It’s because of the “you” the people, that makes us who we are. So, the most wanted interview is always the interview that we haven’t gotten yet. 

10) What makes your network and shows different from others? 

A. We didn’t create anything new or reinvent the wheel, we simply give a higher level of care, funny and professionalism to each of our projects (interviews). We love this space and we try to connect with others who feel the same way. We truly want the best for all of our clients, associates, and interviewees. We do what we say and if I can’t do, I will let you know. I think that is what makes us different. 

11) What is coming up on the horizon and where are you headed next? 

A. I believe our future is brighter than ever. Our mission now is to expand our team and sells. We are moving into films, sitcoms and content licensing, and expanding our music publishing. We have a few things in place now that will help us reach those goals. We welcome companies and individuals to collaborate with us. 

12) Tell our readers a little bit about yourself and who is “Blinkshow TV”? 

A. I like to think of myself as a caring person who wants the best for me and the people around me. I believe that character is important and I believe BlinkShow TV is a reflection of that. I want people to work hard and not take shortcuts. Taking the long route helps you grow and handle the world around us. Self-development is key and I feel you should always be in a spirit of growth. 

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