Your Journey of Truth


“Walk the Turtle” 10/15/2019

Submerged inside an infinite void of endless fears, hidden behind all the corners of our past memoirs from chapters we have survived, lives a callous energy that transpires around the being of one’s spirit as a shield of protection; thus giving a command to hide.

A fragrance of freedom is found within the boundaries we create, as a growth of understandings become the passive during these moments of torment and anxieties found underneath the layers of shame and pain that begin to shed its new skin of life.

A cameo to be held upon the light of tomorrow’s unknown blessings, we draw our swords of faith as we embark into the unknowns of time’s hourglass; watching the sands fall into the slow pace of remains as the flesh grows old and the tears of happiness guard the mending of our heart’s remaining contentment and peace felt by the embracing of completions and acceptances to our being.

Walk the turtle without judgment or bitterness inside your soul, remove the thoughts of deceptions as you take those leaps and risks during your journey of truth. Believe your dreams to inspire will attract the deepest levels of love and passionate beginnings.

God, thank you for Brittany and Justine’s love.