4 Top Sales Secrets

Direct sales can be a very lucrative business. I’ve heard some say that in order to be successful, you have to have experience. It amuses me when I hear that, because how do you get experience?

If you have chosen to be in direct sales, it is vital that you make a 100% commitment. Whenever I hear someone say that they are going to give sales a try, immediately I know they are going to fail. You cannot just give it the old college try, you have to just do it!  It’s going to be challenging but I promise you it’s going to be worth it. Let me encourage you to start right where you are and don’t look back.

Over the last few weeks, I have been giving some sales tips which I believe will help you to reach a higher level. Let’s continue today with some top sales secrets.

1) Stop pitching and start engaging.

Yes, It is important that you learn the presentation and know what you are supposed to say. The only way you’re going to get good at something is to keep doing it. Your goal though is to get to a point when it becomes very natural. This may take a little time but keep plugging away, and you will keep improving . You will find that prospects get turned off when they feel like they are being pitched; the key is to have a conversation presentation. This will produce better results.

The top salespeople will know the script well enough to cover relevant information, but their goal is to have an approach which will lead to discovering the prospect’s particular needs. You have to get to the point where you ditch the pitch and start engaging with your prospects. Learn to develop a rapport while, at the same time, being in control of the conversation. This is where asking questions comes in. When you ask questions, make sure you are listening intently so you can come up with a solution for your prospect. Selling is not telling. Quit selling and start helping.

2) Stop overselling and get to the point.

Too many sales people get into what we call “information overload.” A prospect is ready to close, but the salesperson keeps on talking and eventually talks themselves out of the sale. At this point, you are basically just wasting the customer’s time.

Learn not to waste time covering information that is not important to the specific situation. Top salespeople will cut what needs to be cut to keep the meeting on topic. Get to the point and keep it simple.

3) Learn how to handle objections.

Sales is simply eliminating objections before they come up. Top salespeople know what to do when a prospect has objections. Learn to welcome the objection, come up with a testimony and a solution to that objection, and then follow up with a question to maintain the control.

There is no need to be pushy. Often when prospects bring up issues, they may just be questioning the trustworthiness of the salesperson more than anything else. Your job is to build trust by being sincere, genuine, and having the prospect’s best interest in mind.

4) Have fun.

One of my slogans in our industry is “having fun and making money.“ This is so true when it comes to sales. I’ve heard many salespeople who have had great weeks and months and they will always tell me that they are enjoying the process. They are having a blast.

Learn to not take things too seriously. A prospect knows if you are stressed out, it’s hard to hide that. Go out and use the sales field as therapy. Enjoy yourself and let your prospects see that you really enjoy what you are doing. If you have a lot of fun, they are going to respond much more positively. The bottom line is, people like to be around people who are positive and enjoy life.

I wish you great success. Believe in what you are doing. Always remember that you’re going to improve each and every day. The key is to stay positive, be persistent and, no matter what, never ever give up. You can do this!

Have a blast this week and go out and help somebody!


Regional Sales Manager RMS

Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash