7 Ways to Get Over a Good Day Hangover

A good day hangover, hmmm… what is that? You went out with your best friend and threw a few back? No. My definition of a good day hangover is when the previous day, or days, were so incredibly awesome and you felt so good you thought perhaps you were finally on the right path, or at least living the good life—non-stressed, no complaints, and basking in your own sunshine. And the next day, you are not. You wake up not knowing the date because the world is screwed and you realize it’s still Groundhog Day. You know, the 1993 movie with Bill Murray which was good in its own right, but has probably had more mentions in the last year and a half than it did the entire decade before.

Only this is no movie where we’re loving to hate egotistical weatherman Phil Connors while laughing at Punxsutawney Phil, the adorable groundhog, and cheering when weatherman Phil lets go of his egotism and finally gets the girl.

This is the real life story where we are stuck in our own lives, a bubble if you will, because the news and social media is so mundane and drab you can’t bear to listen to or see the rhetoric anymore. This is the story when you realize it’s two days past your best friend’s birthday and because you didn’t know the date, you didn’t call to wish her a happy birthday; one you haven’t missed in decades. The beginning of my good day hangover.

I’ve had these hangovers before, they’re not fun. To me, they are worse than the usual alcohol-related hangover because with alcohol, you get a headache, a few stomach issues, but then it’s over. Rid the toxins and you get yourself back with a couple aspirin, caffeine, and maybe a little purging. 

The toxins associated with the good day hangover, for me anyway, require a lot more than over the counter remedies. These toxins come from the inside and can lead to, or feed into, depression. They require a bit of soul searching and finding ways to climb out of the abyss.

Today, I did it. I came up with seven ways to get out of my head and out of my own Groundhog Day. Read on to see if you may be interested in any of these remedies.

—Take a drive

I realized I could sit at my computer, working, and wallow in self-pity, or I could take my favorite (only) convertible out for a drive and pick up the missing ingredients for dinner. I chose the latter. It was a gorgeous day and driving in the sunshine was the vitamin D I needed.


While driving back from the food forage, I decided I needed something at home to keep me from diving back into Groundhog Day. The music that immediately came to mind, always a winner, The Greatest Showman soundtrack—it did not disappoint!

—Talk to a good friend

And there it is, she called. My oldest best friend—the one whose birthday I lost in Groundhog Day. She listened to my embarrassing explanation about my slip-up and we talked, for about 45 minutes, in the way that you talk to your oldest friends who you hardly ever see because they live a thousand miles away, but they’re your person forever. By the way, this was the best antidote for the hangover.

—Do something for someone else

I have been thinking about a housewarming gift for another dear friend who just moved to Rhode Island with her new husband, yet I had not pulled the trigger. Why? Because I’m Tamara. But, I digress. I finally settled on an appropriate, wonderful, loving gift for my dear friend and sent it. My heart was even more full. 

—Work out

I always find workouts to be the ultimate pick-me-up when I have the doldrums—endorphins. So I went to karate after my phone call and gift buying. My intensity was there and I helped a fellow student with techniques—I felt good. The toxins were definitely disappearing. 


This should be number one, but sometimes I’m blinded by grey. Nevertheless, I drove home from karate thinking about the dinner my love and I would cook, my karate mate I would meet on Friday to work towards his brown belt test, and the fact I needed gas. The gratitude in that moment came when the cashier at Arco, whom I see quite a bit, the one who never smiles, smiled at me when I paid and told her to have a good evening. It’s nice to make other people smile. 

—Watching your favorite team win

Okay, this is a bonus. But, when you’re a die-hard, passionate Dodgers fan, this is the cherry on top! You’ve dealt with a good day hangover all day, soul searched, found amazing, wonderful ways to deal with your pain and come out on top, and your team won—yes!

Good day hangovers can come when you least expect them and they make you want to crawl back in bed and pull the covers over your head. The thing is, if you crawl out of the covers, you can very likely find your way out of Groundhog Day.

Photo by Brian Garcia on Unsplash