A Thirst for Higher Purpose


Awakening to the surrealism of our destinies opens the veils of shrouded truths as the transparencies emerge upon the eyes of the soul. Gifts of vision and insight surround the mind’s eye as a thirst for higher purpose is foretold inside the whispers of our hearts.

To seize the moments of growth during the conversations shared among those seeking a genuine, pure love while pursuing the desires of romance that are held by our faith and determination to be strong and courageous during the temptations of life’s struggles.

Precious freedom of our creative arts allows us to simplify the basis of unlimited possibilities, along with a sense of compassion, as we lean upon the rock of our salvation. Unity and companionship infused with thankfulness and grace will suddenly amplify our connections.

Testimonies of traumas and turmoil we have overcome breed hope and shed light to those caught inside the chaos of their journey. Loving tones of our voice and words of encouragement and care we say are fundamental elements needed toward the healing process to a warrior’s lion-heart.

Walk the turtle and cast away doubt as you realize our time here is filled with happiness and joy, laughter and dreams as we open our hearts like petals blooming from a beautiful flower, greeting the sunrise of each morning remembering yesterday’s embrace of treasured times and living for today’s blessings of God.

Grateful for my loves, Brittany & Justine