Derby Day in Las Vegas? Other than Churchill Downs where else can you see it the best?ball-park

Las Vegas and most specifically BEER PARK in the Paris Hotel.  The second floor overlooking the strip, this huge outdoor beer extravaganza, gives the best view around with plenty of TVs for viewing all sports.  The food is outstanding, and the beers come in the hundreds to pick from.

Start with a 7-layer dip, hummus or the guacamole as an appetizer.  Or maybe a huge batch of nachos with hatch green chiles, chicken quesadilla, or sliders.  Maybe a breakfast burrito, a granola parfait, French toast sticks, or smoked brisket hash if you are out for brunch.  Some of the sides are macaroni salad, jalapeno slaw, Caesar pasta salad, mac and cheese, or tater tots.  ball-park-1The avocado toast is layered with a ton of avocado and quartered slices of egg, totally a full meal in itself.   The Ahi tuna burger is cooked to perfection, along with the guacamole and falafel burgers or the Cajon Turkey club.  ball-park-2

The tables get a great breeze, with huge overhead fans, to cool you on a hot summer day. Long tables with ice pockets keep beers cool.

Great skyline views and fun music, with strolling guitar players.

Open 11- 2 a.m.  702 444-4500 for reservations