Small Miracles

Hi everybody…my name is Clarence. Back there is Clyde. Did you ever wonder why we have long necks?

A Journey to Belonging

When I saw the yellow I stopped the car. Fortunately, there was no traffic so I had a talk with Buddy.

All Moved in and Back to the “Tails”

These past couple of months have been, in a word, interesting.

The Pups and the Possum

I awoke this morning to a very familiar beach scenario. It was a bit overcast...

Cosmo Is Unforgettable–Another “Tail” from the Shelter

Today is Memorial Day, and I woke up feeling grateful to the many brave souls who gave their all...

The Grief of Change

I am beginning to learn how I've avoided the work of becoming more of the authentic me.

Being More of Me

I have been grieving the loss of a friendship I never had.

Na and the Beautiful Day

It would be difficult to not be grateful for a day like today.


Behind all the business in my life, I need to look for the rhythms of nature to center on my intentions for the day.

…And Then There Is Newman

As I sit here at my computer trying to find words that will capture the essence of Newman, I have to smile.



The Tour Continues for Comedian Brian T Shirley

The man behind, and in front of, the camera for BTS On The Road is gearing up to bring us more material