God’s Calling


“Walk the Turtle” 11/5/2018


Lost somewhere between the veil of a crisp November morning and within the dimness of haze, lays the serenity of a natural love for life.

Hearts traveling through an adventurous dream guiding each other into the hands of time, frolicking inside the winds of the soul they romance.

Emptiness left behind in another world is heaviest to bear, but knowing the everlasting connection to being alive is felt by a spiritual manifestation.

Speaking in parable as images flow inside the subconscious mind allows anointing to begin within the depths of a weeping angel with broken wings.

Redeemed by faith is given by our savior with an overwhelming embrace by the Holy Spirit, a transformation is felt as we begin to walk toward light.

I walk the turtle with my heart held in Heaven feeling the heart of my true love inside mine, I go forward to fulfill the purpose of God’s calling for me.

I love you Brittany Danielle Withers. I will be with you when my job here is finished, baby.


Photo by Tim Foster on Unsplash