How to Determine if You Have Psychic Abilities


Have you ever felt like you knew something was going to happen before it did? Or, heard the phone ring and knew who was calling before picking up? Have you visited a place in your dreams, only to discover the location in real life the next day? If so, you are definitely not alone. A quarter of Americans believe that humans have psychic abilities, telepathy, clairvoyance and prophecy, to name a few. Perhaps there is more to these feelings of instinct than you realize. In reality, these could actually be psychic abilities that you can nurture and grow.

Have your dreams come true? 

Those hours when we are asleep are shrouded in a great mystery: our dreams. Physically, our bodies may be resting, but there are periods of the night when our brain is very active indeed. Often the dreams that we have can be truly epic adventures to other places, where we meet new people and also the ones that have already left this earthly plane. Up to 20% of people believe that these are simply not just dreams—they are astral projections. Our consciousness is taking a journey away from our physical presence. We are not just being shown alternate planes, but also how the future will lay out before us. Next time you wake up after a dream, write down what has happened. If these dreams start to become reality, it may be a sign of psychic abilities.

Has your instinct guided you safely?  

It is common for us to rely on logic and experience to make decisions in our lives. However, the majority of us have had times when we have gone simply with a solid gut instinct. Perhaps you decided not to get the train to work and then heard on the news later that there was a train accident. Or, maybe you decided to stay home instead of going to a party, but then later heard that it was a disastrous evening. This could in fact be a built-in psychic ability. In fact, 25% of people believe that we have this clairvoyance – we just need to follow it more.

Do you see people in a different light? 

Psychics see the world in a different way and this includes how we perceive other people. A sign that you may in fact have a psychic gift is that you see others in a unique way. Can you perceive colored auras around people that shimmer and change depending on their emotions? Maybe you hear happy music playing around particularly vibrant souls, or a mournful lament around those that are struggling. Do you hear the sound of a person’s voice and then instantly associate an image or an object with them? These sensory visions could actually be an inbuilt psychic ability waiting to get out.

Dreams are a journey and the mind is a powerful tool—we are yet to unlock what it can really do. Just listen to your own foresight and instinct and you may find that you have a psychic gift to help guide you through life.

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash