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All Moved in and Back to the “Tails”


These past couple of months have been, in a word, interesting.

Moving even a short distance from my last home was still a major upheaval. It’s hard to believe that when I was younger moving wasn’t such a big deal, and I navigated the relocating water with relative ease. Not so this time.

From gathering boxes for my ‘stuff’ to realizing that I really needed to clean out before packing up has been enlightening. Actually, it has been liberating! Not feeling weighed down by material things I didn’t absolutely need or love has freed me up.

Downsizing has given me more room, and I love it. I adore my new home in Huntington Landmark and as a side benefit, I am even closer to the shelter.

It was with great anticipation that I once again had the time and energy to return to the shelter and give the pups a little freedom—sprinkled with lots of hugs, petting, and time away from their pens.

…And now about my first day back

As I sit here and try to explain what I’m feeling, I first have to ask you if you have ever met something or someone who made such an impression that you just can’t get them out of your mind?

cooper-cropThis is what happened to me yesterday at the shelter. In a word, I met Cooper. Physically, he is a medium sized Lab mix with eyes that look at you with trust and eagerness. I noticed that he walked beautifully on the leash — didn’t pull and was a perfect gentleman.

Why then would anyone give this precious dog up? I found the answer when I read his short bio.

The fact is that his owner loves him very much, but has gotten extremely ill and can’t care for Cooper anymore—and Cooper is 14 years old.

Belying his age, he has clear, steady eyes and walks like a much younger dog. He is a charming older gentleman who would love to share his senior years with you.

He loves to be loved and returns every kind word and action tenfold. I adore this dog💓

He is well-behaved and would be a wonderful companion, if only you can look past the years on his chart and into his sweet face.


Please visit Cooper. Take him for a walk and let him know there is still hope for him and, somewhere, a loving home.

And then there is Jackie.

jackie-cropNo, that’s not I, but rather a furry-faced facsimile who is as sweet as can be. It appears that she recently had pups and is a tad shy at first.

When I walked up to her pen, she ran to greet me but when I attempted to put the leash around her neck, she stepped back.

I went into the pen and sat on the floor with her, which did the trick. She came into my arms and let me put the leash on her, which led to a lovely walk and some time spent on the curb of the Edison Access Road—giving and getting lots of kisses and tail wags.

Please take a look at this charming little girl who has so much to offer.
She would make a very sweet companion.


Both of these dogs are available for adoption at the shelter on Newland in Huntington Beach.