New Chapters, New Beginnings


“Walk the Turtle” 12/26/2019

As I sit and ponder the present, I know tomorrow will make it my past. Only memories will remain…alongside the everlasting. 

We begin a spiritual melting into the depths of unknown moments of each second of our marriage with life; thus to be given new chapters and new beginnings together with the remains of endings endured. The grooves of fragmentations etched within the thoughts are these we cannot forget. 

We become bound to our faith and belief in the divinity of our precious love. Simplicity to the eternal living as we begin a romance of our spirits merging into an entity of one. 

Touching the soul of the fruit while tasting your lips with a kiss creates the flames of holiness along with the happiness to be alive. Freeing the mind of yesterdays past ushers in an amazing future with vision and wisdom. 

As Eagles fly side by side among the winds of constant change, the turtles walk together when they are born. We transform as the butterfly from its cocoon. 

Love you, Justine.

Photo by Florian Klauer on Unsplash