The Human Touch


“Walk the Turtle” 2/10/2020

Living our lives in a complete devotion to human touch is to feel the depths of infinite warmth, released by the melting of a spiritual divinity, which is held within the wings of an earth angel sent by our creator. 

A compassionate embrace caresses the soul as the affection of our hearts can feel the thoughts of those we are connected to by love.  

As we understand the purity of His will we see the signs of blessings manifested deep in each of our lives. 

We kiss the lips of beauty as we close our eyes and sleep. We dream in color and hear the whispers of bittersweet yesterdays holding the keys to happiness by accepting each precious moment as a gift in life. 

Surrendering to faith while the process of transportation begins, we allow our mind to have patience to the hands of time as we look forward toward the tomorrows we will be allowed to live and the experiences in life we share together. 

Holding hands as we walk the turtle through this world is our inspiration in everything. 

Inspired by love of Justine Acevedo + Brittany Withers & Brittany Casey +

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash