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Unconditional Love

“Walk the Turtle” 12/31/2018


Flipping through photographs of precious moments we shared and daydreaming about certain haunting memories that seem to touch the depths of our soul, we cannot help but shed tears of love as we begin a new chapter.

Stories we share with others who care is a way to keep those spirits alive as we honor their contributions to our lives. We are left behind to fulfill our destiny as we pass through passages and doors to invite new beginnings as we embrace the despair of yesterday’s loss.

A magical feeling of their presence is felt by a caress against our skin, a song we hear, or a scent that overwhelms our senses.

Smiles and laughs we recall inside our mind are met with whispers of voices that pass through our hearts. We pray for guidance as we give ourselves time to heal, a compassionate spirit emerges into each brand new day.

Walk the turtle with a visibility of God’s will knowing each year we are alive is a true gift and a chance to create great everlasting bonds with the ones we love. Hold on to the remains of inspirations as we go forward praising the Lord for his unconditional love.

I go forward grateful for the chapters we shared, knowing you are there in heaven waiting to hold me again. I love and miss you Brittany Danielle Withers. I feel you each day.