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4 Tips to Become a Better Listener


I am going to dispel a myth about sales. So many people believe that in order to be successful in sales, you need to have “the gift of gab.” I have encountered many salespeople that go on and on and never stop talking. In so many cases, they talk themselves right out of the sale.

The reality is that most successful sales people are not big talkers. They are very good listeners. They know the importance of having a conversation rather than just simply pitching someone.

It’s very simple. The better the sales reps’ listening skills, the better their conversation will be. My goal today is to get you to become a better listener. By doing this, your performance will increase dramatically. Here are some tips that will help you.

1) Slow it down.

So many representatives get caught up in giving a pitch. The moment a prospect asks a question, they become distracted and lose their place. As a matter of fact, they are not even listening to the question. They are thinking more about what to say.

Slow down in your conversation and develop a rapport with your merchant. Talking too fast can only hurt your relationship with them. They are going to lose interest and get stressed out.

Pause in case they need clarification. Ask questions and then simply listen to them. Have a conversation rather than a sales pitch.

2) Do not interrupt.

This happens so many times with sales reps. They are so caught up on what to say that they do not allow the merchant to share all of their concerns. This hurts the sales rep in the long run because they end up missing out on what the merchant really needs.

Interrupting someone is not only rude, it’s also going to cost you production.

When you are asking questions, show that you really are interested in helping them.

3) Ask questions.

Most sales reps know the importance of asking questions. The key is to make sure that you are listening to their answers. This allows you to understand their pain points. Your goal is to help them get through this process and the only way to do that is by listening to their responses.

By asking questions, you are showing them that you are sincere in helping them. Make sure you are clear in what their needs are.

You will be amazed at the difference in responses you receive from merchants just by being a good listener.

4)  Listen to their emotions.

Body language is also very important when it comes to sales.

Let’s face it, many of our merchants that we run into have had bad experiences with other merchant companies. They are going to have war stories. Sometimes being a salesperson also means you have to be a therapist. Listen to their emotions. Show them that you care. Your goal is to become the solution. Sometimes people just need to talk about it and then they start feeling better because you listened to them.

Set a goal, not only in the sales field, but also in all of your relationships. We all need work in this area. Learn to be a sincere listener. You will have success in this industry, and you will also have successful relationships.

Have a super fantastic week!