A Gift God Created in You


“Walk the Turtle” 3/20/2018


I have often pondered the reasons why some people are given the gift of longevity while other lives are cut short in death. These are things beyond our understanding, to go forward each morning and feel the breeze of the nighttime wind, it touches us.

Yet, our course of destinies are each different as we journey into every waking moment of life, we absorb experience and understanding of life.

Love becomes the most important issue in each of our lives; whether it be behind bars or within the prisons of our minds, a heart’s desire is to mend. Compassion to the lost, addicted, broken, to those angry or tormented inside during an emotional breakdown eventually find self-love.

As I get older and reflect on memories of crazy times, amazing moments and milestones along with definitive turning points, I have become wise. Through music and art, writing and producing shows, I create inspiration to others by the gifts God has given and by the people in my life.

To have felt the coldness of betrayal, sorrow and loss of a loved one, I see the frailty. Second chances to exist as humans is by the grace of God.

Freedom to express our voice, freewill to live our dreams, to make the right choices and decisions that are best for us while following our gut. A ministry of peace is felt by giving testimony to those that seek guidance in Christ, restore hope and offer a prayer to uplift the poor.

Today’s tomorrow will become yesterday’s memorable scrapbook of our journey. We will all endure physical pain as we grow older, each spirit is eternal. We are beings of mind, body and soul all connected by a faith of humanity, it is unseen by the human eye yet heard inside all of us.

Walk the turtle, embrace the moments of solitude, and take a moment to stop and observe your surroundings; realize the changes of each day. Give yourself a smile inside that swirls through your soul, knowing your life is a chance to show the world what a gift God created in you.


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