Live Happy

The complexions of life are seen inside the warmth of the skin...

Fly as a Free Bird

Clear whispers heard inside the soul, reminding us of generations of love that have long passed...

Under the Son +

The soft sound of raindrops, cast upon a tin roof amidst a crisp breath of winter air...

Reach Out to the Drowning

We reach out to the ones drowning among the crashing waves and pull them into the light of warmth by giving our whole heart.

Validations of Love and Commitment

We pursue validations of love and commitment for the wellbeing of our emptiness; we breathe life into the realms of possibilities felt by a soft kiss.

Arms of Our Savior +

Doors we go through inside our chapters of this thing we call life...

New Chapters, New Beginnings

As I sit and ponder the present, I know tomorrow will make it my past.

The Spirit of Hope and Prayer

United by the spirit of hope and prayer is a gift we have received and as each day passes, a true bond of love and compassion grows as we both walk the turtle.

Your Journey of Truth

remove the thoughts of deceptions as you take those leaps and risks during your journey of truth.

Layers of Life

An infinite abyss of levels and depths of love entangled within sorrows, beyond the comprehension of our fragile minds...



Dogs Are a Funny Lot!

A couple of fun doggie cartoons to make your day.